Jonang Takten Phuntsok Chosling Cultural Society
Registered under the Societies Registration Act. XXI-1860. No. S-37/2001
H.H. Jetsun Dhampa
H.E. Chokyi Nangwa
Tulku Kunga Choephel
Meditation Centre
Our missions and current activities
The main aim of this establishment is to gather children from remote places where there are no proper schools, educational facilities, or means of transportation (and children of poor parents and orphan children) - and to nurture them by giving both monastic and moral education. When the children first join this monastery, we have to look after them like their parents in daily activities such as eating, sitting, sleeping and so on. However, our main aim is to help them to become endowed with virtuous morality, and bring benefits in human society wherever they go and live.

Therefore, regardless of nationality and race, whoever has enthusiasm in the study and practice of the six-fold yoga of the generation and completion stage of Kalachakra, the unique tradition of Jonang School; we happily receive them in this monastery as students. In the future, we are planning and hoping to in increase the intake of students up to around 300 students in total (after completion of our construction project).
Monastery Info
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